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48015 Center Line, Macomb County
48021 East Detroit, Macomb County
48021 Eastpointe, Macomb County
48026 Fraser, Macomb County
48035 Clinton Township, Macomb County
48036 Clinton Township Macomb County
48038 Clinton Township Macomb County
48042 Macomb, Macomb County
48043 Mount Clemens, Macomb County
48044 Macomb, Macomb County
48045 Harrison Township, Macomb County
48046 Mount Clemens, Macomb County
48047 Chesterfield, Macomb County
48047 New Baltimore, Macomb County
48048 New Haven, Macomb County
48050 New Haven, Macomb County
48051 Chesterfield, Macomb County
48051 New Baltimore, Macomb County
48066 Roseville, Macomb County
48080 St. Clair Shores, Macomb County
48081 St. Clair Shores, Macomb County
48082 St. Clair Shores, Macomb County
48088 Warren, Macomb County
48089 Warren, Macomb County
48090 Warren, Macomb County
48091 Warren, Macomb County
48092 Warren, Macomb County
48093 Warren, Macomb County
48094 Washington Township, Macomb County
48094 Washington, Macomb County
48095 Washington Township, Macomb County
48095 Washington, Macomb County
48310 Sterling Hts, Macomb County
48310 Sterling Heights, Macomb County
48311 Sterling Hts, Macomb County
48311 Sterling Heights, Macomb County
48312 Sterling Hts, Macomb County
48312 Sterling Heights, Macomb County
48313 Sterling Hts, Macomb County
48313 Sterling Heights, Macomb County
48314 Sterling Hts, Macomb County
48314 Sterling Heights, Macomb County
48315 Shelby Township, Macomb County
48316 Shelby Township, Macomb County
48317 Shelby Township, Macomb County
48318 Shelby Township, Macomb County

48007 Troy, Oakland County
48009 Birmingham, Oakland County
48012 Birmingham, Oakland County
48017 Clawson, Oakland County
48025 Beverly Hills, Oakland County
48025 Bingham Farms, Oakland County
48030 Hazel Park, Oakland County
48034 Southfield, Oakland County
48037 Southfield, Oakland County
48067 Royal Oak, Oakland County
48068 Royal Oak, Oakland County
48069 Pleasant Ridge, Oakland County
48070 Huntington Woods, Oakland County
48071 Madison Heights, Oakland County
48072 Berkley, Oakland County
48073 Royal Oak, Oakland County
48083 Troy, Oakland County
48084 Troy, Oakland County
48085 Troy, Oakland County
48086 Southfield, Oakland County
48098 Troy, Oakland County
48099 Troy, Oakland County
48220 Ferndale, Oakland County
48237 Oak Park, Oakland County
48301 Bloomfield, Oakland County
48301 Bloomfield Hills, Oakland County
48301 Bloomfield Township, Oakland County
48301 Bloomfield Village, Oakland County
48302 Bloomfield, Oakland County
48302 Bloomfield Hills, Oakland County
48302 Bloomfield Township, Oakland County
48303 Bloomfield Hills, Oakland County
48303 Bloomfield Township, Oakland County
48304 Bloomfield, Oakland County
48304 Bloomfield Hills, Oakland County
48304 Bloomfield Township, Oakland County
48306 Rochester, Oakland County
48306 Rochester Hills, Oakland County
48307 Rochester, Oakland County
48307 Rochester Hills, Oakland County
48308 Rochester, Oakland County
48309 Rochester, Oakland County
48309 Rochester Hills, Oakland County
48321 Auburn Hills, Oakland County
48322 West Bloomfield, Oakland County
48323 West Bloomfield, Oakland County
48324 West Bloomfield, Oakland County
48325 West Bloomfield, Oakland County
48326 Auburn Hills, Oakland County
48331 Farmington, Oakland County
48331 Farmington Hills, Oakland County
48332 Farmington, Oakland County
48332 Farmington Hills, Oakland County
48333 Farmington, Oakland County
48333 Farmington Hills, Oakland County
48334 Farmington Hills, Oakland County
48334 Farmington, Oakland County
48334 Farmington Hills, Oakland County
48335 Farmington, Oakland County
48335 Farmington Hills, Oakland County
48336 Farmington, Oakland County
48336 Farmington Hills, Oakland County


Abandoning a vehicle or vessel is considered "littering"

Yes. A person who abandons a motor vehicle or vessel may also be found responsible for littering under the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act [MCL 324.8905a(4)]. This is a state civil infraction subject to a civil fine from $500 to $2,500 plus costs, state assessments, and other statutory penalties. The penalty for abandoning a second vehicle or vessel is a civil fine from $1,000 to $5,000 plus costs, state assessments, and other statutory penalties.


        CALL NOW FOR YOUR FREE JUNK CAR QUOTE                        (586) 834-7411 WE PAY CASH FOR CARS,              VANS, TRUCKS, AND SUV'S!!!! WE PAY TO                                    DOLLAR $$$$$$$$$$$$                   

We Service All Of Macomb County, And Most Of Oakland County Within A 20 Mile Radius Of Our Warren, MI Location. Call Our Office For Details. 

Troy, MI 48084, USA

Warren, MI 48090, USA

Birmingham, MI 48012, USA

Warren, MI 48091, USA

Clawson, MI 48017, USA

Warren, MI 48397, USA

Charter Township of Clinton, MI 48038, USA

Warren, MI 48089, USA

Charter Township of Clinton, MI 48035, USA

Sterling Heights, MI 48312, USA

Berkley, MI 48072, USA

Rochester, MI 48306, USA

Roseville, MI 48066, USA

Troy, MI 48099, USA

Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302, USA

Warren, MI 48092, USA

Franklin, MI 48025, USA

Sterling Heights, MI 48314, USA

Troy, MI 48085, USA

West Bloomfield Township, MI 48322, USA

West Bloomfield Township, MI 48324, USA

Sterling Heights, MI 48311, USA

Utica, MI 48317, USA

West Bloomfield Township, MI 48323, USA

Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303, USA

Rochester, MI 48309, USA

Sterling Heights, MI 48313, USA

St Clair Shores, MI 48081, USA

Royal Oak, MI 48068, USA

Macomb, MI 48042, USA

Royal Oak, MI 48067, USA

Ferndale, MI 48220, USA

Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301, USA

St Clair Shores, MI 48080, USA

Hazel Park, MI 48030, USA

St Clair Shores, MI 48082, USA

Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304, USA

Troy, MI 48083, USA

Birmingham, MI 48009, USA

Center Line, MI 48015, USA

Fraser, MI 48026, USA

Oak Park, MI 48237, USA

Macomb, MI 48044, USA

Rochester, MI 48307, USA

Royal Oak, MI 48073, USA

Harrison Township, MI 48045, USA

Warren, MI 48093, USA

Huntington Woods, MI 48070, USA

Warren, MI 48088, USA

Eastpointe, MI 48021, USA

Oakland Charter Township, MI 48363, USA

Utica, MI 48315, USA

Troy, MI 48098, USA

Mt Clemens, MI 48043, USA

Pleasant Ridge, MI 48069, USA

Rochester, MI 48308, USA

Troy, MI 48007, USA

Sterling Heights, MI 48310, USA

Utica, MI 48318, USA

Madison Heights, MI 48071, USA

Annual Towing & Scrap Car Removal-Cash for Junk Cars Warren is a Towing Company and Wrecking Yard located in Warren, MI, that services all of Warren & the surrounding areas. We specialize in scrap vehicle removal for cash.Towing Service, Junk Car Removal, Junk Car Buying, local scrap car buyer,Junk Car Towing, Scrap Car Removal, Auto Salvage, Junk Removal Service, Cash for Cars, Sell My Car For Cash, salvage yard, and Scrap Buyers.

We have Tow Trucks that are capable of handling any Road Assistance situation you may have. If you are looking for a Towing Company, Wrecking Yard, Salvage Yard, or Junk Car Buyer, scrap car towing, then Annual Towing & Scrap Car Removal is the smart choice.

Our Towing Services are always fast and reliable so give us a call now for immediate assistance out of your inconvenient situation. Thank you for making us your #1 junk car buyers in Macomb County!!!


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Sell your car to us and we will send out a tow truck with money to get your car. We buy scrap cars! We know finding a cash for scrap vehicle company can be a bit time consuming, and let’s face it, a bit frustrating. But we promise that you will enjoy selling your junk vehicle to us. There is no haggling! We give you a quote over the phone instantly. Get cash for your junk vehicle today!
We do removal of any Junk, damaged, wrecked, or unwanted vehicles from your property for Free.
We provide extremely easy junk removal, or towing for your damaged, old, wrecked car. We send out a tow truck to pay you, and tow the wrecked car away for free! We buy cars with titles (only). We make it simple for you to sell your car today.
Annual Towing & Scrap Car Removal-Cash For Junk Cars Warren serves all the Metro Detroit areas.If you have a vehicle that you are still paying insurance on but aren’t using, just forget about it. Instead, let us pay you. We are giving cash for cars in Warren MI, We guarantee you’ll love our professional car removal service.

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